Avon, Colorado

Often heralded as the "Heart of the Valley," Avon's enchanting locale, snugly tucked at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, unfurls a visual spectacle. With its strategic placement in the Eagle River Valley, the town offers arresting panoramas and emerges as a springboard for diverse recreational escapades. From the year-round vibrancy of Nottingham Lake, perfect for both summertime paddle boarding and wintertime ice skating, to its close affinity with Beaver Creek Resort, beckoning winter sports aficionados with promises of thrilling ski expeditions, Avon is a hub of ceaseless activity. Moreover, it's a window into nature's realm for wildlife enthusiasts, offering spontaneous encounters with majestic elks, elegant deer, and many avian wonders, especially during the migratory seasons.


Cultural Pulse and Festive Heartbeat

Infusing cultural resonance into its mountainous backdrop, Avon is a pulsating center of art, music, and festivities. The annual "Salute to the USA" event casts a luminous spell with its grand firework display, while events like the Avon LIVE! Concerts in the Park and the CoverRock Music Festival add rhythmic beats to the town's vibrant heart. The core of Avon, designed with a pedestrian-friendly ethos, invites explorers to meander through its pathways, relish the tranquility of verdant parks, and indulge in retail and culinary sprees along its bustling main street.

Historical Roots and Modern Transformation

Testifying to its dynamic evolution, modern-day Avon stands as a testament to growth and transformation. While its genesis in the early 20th century echoed the rhythms of railroads and ranching, today's Avon is a harmonious blend of cozy residences, flourishing businesses, and myriad recreational hubs, including the multifaceted Avon Recreation Center. Complementing its urban development, Avon's roundabouts, beyond directing traffic, wear a cloak of artistry, hosting a series of public art installations, adding an aesthetic layer to the town's ambiance. This commitment to art and aesthetics further manifests in the myriad public art installations dotting the town, narrating tales of its rich heritage and contemporary vigor.

A Year-Round Haven of Activities and Natural Beauty

Avon, Colorado, often called the "Heart of the Valley," is a charming town located at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain. With its stunning natural beauty and wide range of activities, Avon offers year-round entertainment options for visitors and locals alike. Here's a breakdown by season:


Hiking and Trail Running: As the snow melts, trails around Avon become accessible for hiking and trail running. Popular spots include the Beaver Creek Hiking Center and the West Avon Preserve.
Bird Watching: Spring is a great time to spot migratory birds returning to the area.
Fly-Fishing: The Eagle River runs through Avon, offering excellent fly-fishing opportunities.
Mountain Biking: Some trails become ready for mountain biking as the snow recedes.


Nottingham Lake Activities: The lake becomes a hub for paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and beach activities.
Concerts in the Park: Avon hosts free concerts at the Nottingham Park Pavilion throughout the summer.
Salute to the USA: A grand July 4th celebration with fireworks over Nottingham Lake.
Mountain Biking: The trails are in full swing, and bike rentals are widely available.
Hiking: The greenery is lush, making for beautiful hikes.


Leaf Peeping: Avon is surrounded by aspen groves, which turn a brilliant gold during the fall.
Mountain Biking: Cooler temperatures make for comfortable biking conditions.
Hiking: The fall foliage adds a magical touch to the hiking experience.
Fishing: Fish become more active as the water temperatures drop.


Skiing and Snowboarding: While Avon doesn't have its ski slope, it's the gateway to Beaver Creek Resort, which offers world-class skiing and snowboarding.
Ice Skating: The town creates an ice rink on Nottingham Lake for residents and visitors.
Snowshoeing: Various trails offer serene snowshoeing opportunities.
Winter Festivals: Avon hosts several winter festivals with ice sculptures, music, and more.

In every season, Avon, Colorado, provides a mix of outdoor adventure and cultural festivities, making it an enticing destination no matter when you visit.

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Avon's essence extends beyond being a mere gateway to Beaver Creek. It's a living tapestry, weaving together nature's raw beauty, a rich cultural narrative, and a resilient community spirit. Indeed, with its multifaceted charm, Avon anchors itself as a prized jewel in the expansive and mesmerizing landscape of the Eagle River Valley.