Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek, a resort that's much more than meets the eye, lies in the heart of Colorado. While it basks in global acclaim for its unparalleled skiing and snowboarding facilities, its origins tell a different story. Conceived in the 1950s as a potential Winter Olympics venue, the baton eventually passed to Squaw Valley in California. Yet, this setback only spurred its evolution.

Today, Beaver Creek boasts a unique village-to-village skiing experience, allowing enthusiasts to seamlessly glide between Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead villages. The resort's luxury touchpoints further enhance this expansive skiing adventure, including heated escalators strategically placed to ease access to the slopes.


A Resort that Revels in Indulgence

Embodying the essence of luxury, Beaver Creek never fails to pamper its visitors. As days on the slopes conclude, the resort welcomes weary skiers with "Cookie Time," a delightful tradition of serving complimentary freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. But winter isn't its only forte. As snow gives way to summer, Beaver Creek undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. Verdant landscapes beckon mountain bikers, hikers, and golfers while the resort's calendar fills up with festivals, cultural events, and performances at the state-of-the-art Vilar Performing Arts Center.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Beaver Creek's architecture blends traditional elegance with contemporary design, evoking the charm of quaint alpine villages in Europe. This design ethos sets a captivating backdrop for the resort's many gourmet dining options, some of which promise panoramic mountain-top views to accompany the exquisite cuisine. Beyond its palpable luxury, Beaver Creek's commitment to the environment stands firm. With an array of sustainability initiatives, from water conservation to wildlife habitat preservation, the resort emphasizes its dedication to coexisting harmoniously with nature.

The Beaver Creek Experience

Drawing the curtain, Beaver Creek isn't merely a geographical location; it's an emotion, an experience. Whether you're carving the slopes, indulging in culinary delights, or soaking in the cultural richness, the resort promises a symphony of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty. Truly, Beaver Creek stands tall as one of Colorado's most treasured mountain resorts, offering an extraordinary blend of experiences at every twist and turn.

A Seasonal Playground


Skiing and Snowboarding: While many associate these activities with winter, Beaver Creek's high altitude ensures that the ski season often extends into spring.
Alpine Garden Tours: As the snow recedes, the mountain landscapes burst into color, offering an excellent time for guided botanical tours.
Trail Running: With the snow melt, many running trails become accessible.
Mountain Biking: As the snow melts, some lower-elevation trails open up for mountain biking.
Spring Fest is a seasonal celebration with fun activities, parades, and music in the Beaver Creek Village.


Hiking: The green trails of Beaver Creek offer varied hiking experiences, from easy nature walks to challenging treks.
Mountain Biking: The summer offers the full spectrum of trails for mountain biking adventures.
Horseback Riding: Guided horseback rides through the scenic mountain trails.
Golfing: Beaver Creek boasts lush golf courses set against majestic mountains.
Outdoor Concerts and Movie Nights: The village often hosts live music events and open-air movie screenings.
Kids' Adventure Camp: A fun-filled camp offering kids a mix of outdoor adventures and educational activities.


Leaf Peeping: Beaver Creek is surrounded by aspen groves that turn a shimmering gold in the fall.
Hiking: The cooler temperatures and fall foliage make hiking especially enjoyable.
Mountain Biking: Experience the trails with the added beauty of fall colors.
Wine and Spirits Festival: A celebration of fine wines, spirits, and culinary delights.
Oktoberfest: A Bavarian celebration featuring traditional music, beer, and food.


Skiing and Snowboarding: Beaver Creek Resort becomes a winter wonderland, offering world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities.
Ice Skating: The Beaver Creek Ice Rink in the village provides a magical skating experience.
Snowshoeing: Guided tours and trails are available for snowshoeing enthusiasts.
Nordic Skiing: Beaver Creek offers beautifully groomed trails for those who prefer cross-country skiing.
Winter Culinary Weekend: A gastronomic celebration featuring renowned chefs.
Tree Lighting Ceremony: An annual event marking the beginning of the holiday season with festivities, music, and fireworks.

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