Terms & Conditions / Reservation Agreement


After completing reservation on the website, you will receive the name and the phone number of your driver 12 hours before your pick up.

If you are getting picked up at the city, the driver will contact you and let you know when he arrives.

If you are getting picked up at the airport, then upon your arrival, please turn your phone on and the driver will contact you. ( If you have an international phone number, you also can contact the office by WhatsApp +1 720 388 8817 ). Driver will let you know where and how he will meet with you.

WAITING TIME during airport pick-up

Mountain Limo Service is not responsible if the passenger is not available after arrival. If the passenger cannot find his vehicle, he is supposed to contact the dispatch office at  +1 720 388 8817 .

Customers have 45 minutes of free waiting time for luggage claim for domestic arrivals and 60 minutes for international arrivals. If the waiting time exceeds these limits, Mountain Limo Service has the right to charge an additional fee for every 15 minutes of waiting at the airport.

If the passenger fails to let us know about any delays, the company has the right to withdraw the vehicle. It will be considered a completed trip and 100% payment for the reservation will be charged.

Mountain Limo Service is not responsible for the delivery of the luggage if it does not fit the requested vehicle type indicated in the confirmation. Mountain Limo Service is not responsible for any delays resulting in late cancellations or no show-ups. If contact is not made after the courtesy timeout has expired or passengers leave the pickup location without notifying Mountain Limo Service, the booking will be treated as a no-show and charges equal to the base rate of the booking plus all applicable charges will apply.

WAITING TIME during pick-up

Upon arrival at the pick-up location and at the time specified in your reservation, you have 15 minutes of free waiting before the start of your trip.  Mountain Limo Service will charge an additional payment for each 15 minutes of downtime according to our tariff. After 30 minutes of downtime, Mountain Limo Service has the right to withdraw the vehicle you reserved back, and it will be considered as completed reservation and the cost of the reservation will be charged 100%.


All vehicles are maintained according to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. It is prohibited to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages at any time inside, near or around vehicles.


In case of missed flights or delays, its passengers responsibility to notify Mountain Limo Service by calling the dispatch office at  +1 720 388 8817  to reschedule reserved pickup. In case of a delay during the flight or after take-off, we will track the arrival time and accommodate according to our capabilities, no additional charges will be applied.

If your flight is canceled for any reason, regardless of you, you should notify us 12 hours in advance to reschedule your pick up from the mountain area and 4 hours in advance of pickup from Denver area. (For example, you are traveling to Denver airport from a ski resort and due to weather conditions your flight is canceled, you are supposed to notify us 12 hours in advance about the rescheduling of your pick-up). If you change your reservation time by less than the above mentioned time, your current reservation will be considered a late cancellation and will be charged 100% plus all applicable fees. Please make sure all the flight, contact and reservation information you provided us with is correct. We are not responsible if the arrival/departure information is incorrect or not provided to us at all. We track only the flight numbers that have been originally provided at the time of reservation.


You can cancel your reservation with a 100% refund 24 hours in advance of a scheduled pick up time on the reservation.

If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance according to Denver time zone (your pickup time), then you will be charged 100% of the payment including all fees for your reservation.If you make an order with less than 24 hours prior to the pickup time, then in case of cancellation there will be no refund issued (we will hold 100% of the order's total).

ATTENTION, all cancellations of reservations are accepted only by email.


In case of any changes of information on reservation such as flight number, arrival time, etc., it will be considered passenger’s responsibility to notify us about it. Any changes to your reservation are supposed to be made only through our office by email or by calling  +1 720 388 8817 . Drivers are NOT ALLOWED to make any changes to customer’s reservations, adjust fees, or accept any payments other than tips/gratitude.


Reservation includes a free short rest stop for up to 15 minutes maximum (it cannot be used to stop at grocery stores or similar stores).

Any additional non-scheduled or non-reserved stops along the way will be charged every 15 minutes at the company's rate at the vehicle's hourly rate plus applicable charges. While we encourage advance notice of all additional stops, there may be unplanned stops, but the passengers understand that additional charges will be incurred and drivers are not allowed to quote charges. The company also reserves the right to refuse additional non-scheduled stops, especially during the very busy ski season, because we should be on the schedule and be on time for other clients. For all questions regarding the amount of the fee, please contact our office.


Mountain Limo Service is not responsible for passengers being late to a flight or a place of arrival, as well as vehicle being late for the reserved pick-up time due to delays, interruptions in traffic, increased travel time due to high traffic and unexpected vehicle malfunction during the trip, especially in winter times, caused by unsafe road conditions or accidents, as well as road closures for any reason beyond our control.


A booking is considered a no show-up if the passenger leaves the pickup point without notifying Mountain Limo Service, or if we are unable to get in touch before the grace period has expired. No show-up will be billed as an equivalent to the base rate of the booking plus all applicable fees.


Clients take full financial responsibility for any damage to the vehicle that they cause or any of their party members during the reservation. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage and any excessive cleaning resulting from the use of the vehicle by the renter. Fees will be calculated based on actual repair costs and the time associated with repairing and cleaning the vehicle. Mountain Limo Service is not responsible for personal belongings or items damaged or left in the vehicle. In case of finding lost items, the company will try to return the item(s) in a timely manner at the expense of the owner. This may include, but is not limited to, extra time added to reservations or shipping and packaging costs. Vehicles cannot be loaded in excess of their capacity. Clients are responsible for any penalties incurred as a result of non-compliance with these policies. If a client makes a reservation for a vehicle that does not fit all the passengers or luggage due to its size, we will consider it the client’s mistake and responsibility and the cost of the reservation will be charged in full.The driver has the right to stop the vehicle for any negligence. If the booking is canceled by negligence, no refunds will be made and the booking will be invoiced in full.


We may withhold an additional fee for the following reasons:
Cleaning fee - up to $100.
For each additional 15 minutes of waiting - $30.
Any damages to the vehicles - price is determined by the repairs done by the official services, and the invoice will be forwarded to the client.


All passengers, who travel with children and in need of child seat, are responsible for installation of any type of car/child seats themselves regardless of if seat is provided by the company or passengers have their own. Drivers are not allowed to install any car/child seats.


By making a reservation, you indicate that you are the cardholder of the credit/debit card which you provided on the reservation form, or that you are authorized by the cardholder to make this transaction. Also you authorize us to charge the credit card in full cost of the reservation for the services requested, including any taxes, surcharges, gratuities and other charges associated with your reservation.

All transactions are made by secure systems SQUARE and PAYPAL, which guarantee complete security of your bank credit/debit card information.
We will do our best to make your trip safe and enjoyable!

  I have read the Terms & Conditions of Mountain Limo Service and by paying for the reservation, I agree to all Terms & Conditions.  

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