Aurora, Colorado

Nestled on the eastern outskirts of Denver, Aurora, Colorado, shines brightly with its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. As the third-largest city in the state, following Denver and Colorado Springs, Aurora boasts an impressive population density. What's even more remarkable is its ethnic diversity. With many foreign-born inhabitants, the city celebrates this rich tapestry of backgrounds through various cultural events and an array of international eateries.

An Outdoor Haven

Outdoor enthusiasts will find much to love in Aurora. Over 100 parks dot the city, complemented by more than 6,000 acres of trails and open spaces. Among these, the Cherry Creek State Park stands out, offering visitors a range of activities from boating to camping. The Aurora Reservoir beckons with its sandy beach, fishing opportunities, non-motorized boating, and a comprehensive trail encircling the water.


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A Golfer's Paradise

Golf aficionados will be pleased to know that Aurora is home to numerous golf courses, each distinct in its challenges and landscapes. Some even offer breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, adding to the game's charm.

Cultural Vibrancy and Historic Legacy

Culture thrives in Aurora. The Aurora Fox Arts Center, a beacon in the Aurora Cultural Arts District, is a hub for the arts, hosting many plays, concerts, and other performances throughout the year. History buffs can delve into the city's past, visiting sites like the DeLaney Round Barn and Centennial House, echoing yesteryear tales.

Despite its bustling activities, Aurora's proximity to Denver offers residents and tourists the best of both worlds — the allure of a major metropolis and the unique attractions of a standalone city.

Lastly, for film enthusiasts, Aurora has a Hollywood connection. The city was a backdrop for parts of the 1978 Clint Eastwood movie, "Every Which Way But Loose."

Medical Excellence

For those in the medical field, the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora is a monument to medical advancement and education. Recognized as one of the nation's most expansive and advanced academic medical campuses, it draws professionals and scholars from across the globe.

Historical facts

Aurora, Colorado, nestled near Denver, showcases the transformative power of history and time. Once home to the Arapaho Native American tribe, the European settlers' arrival heralded change. Seeing its potential due to its closeness to Denver, Donald Fletcher envisioned a thriving real estate hub. However, a water crisis in the 1890s led to debt and departures, including Fletcher.

Rising from its challenges, the community was renamed Aurora in 1907, capitalizing on transportation and military opportunities, and the 20th century bolstered Aurora's prominence with additions like the Fitzsimons Army Hospital and the Buckley Air National Guard Base. Post-World War II saw a population surge, driving infrastructural expansion.

While numbers grew, so did cultural depth. The Aurora History Museum preserved the city's legacy, and parks provided recreational spaces. Aurora has faced trials, notably the devastating 2012 theater shooting, but its resilient spirit prevails.

Aurora's Convenient Location

Aurora is conveniently located near Denver International Airport (DIA), one of the largest and busiest airports in the United States. Denver International Airport is a major airline's primary hub, offering many domestic and international flights daily.

If you're in Aurora and have a flight to catch, Denver International Airport (DIA) is conveniently close, ensuring quick access for both residents and visitors of Aurora. While several transportation options like shuttles, buses, and ride-sharing services are available to commute between Aurora and DIA, our Mountain Limo Service stands out for its unparalleled luxury and reliability. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our Mountain Limo Service offers a comfortable, efficient, and stylish transfer solution, ensuring you arrive at your destination promptly and in style.

Moreover, for private pilots and smaller aircraft, Aurora has the Aurora Municipal Airport, primarily for general aviation. It's situated on the city's eastern edge and serves as a convenient airfield for private, corporate, and military aircraft.

Aurora, Colorado, isn't just a city. From its historical landmarks to modern-day amenities, from natural beauty to thriving arts, it encapsulates a diverse and vibrant essence, making it an integral component of Colorado's illustrious landscape.